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   Lucas High Performance 8 oz. Assembly Lube is designed
    for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters,
    and valve train. The Semi-Synthetic formula contains ZINC, MOLY, and
    other high pressure additives which offer maximum protection during
    engine break-in. Super slick and easy to use, Lucas High Performance
    Assembly Lube will eliminate dry starts and prevent seizing galling
    and scuffing. Key Benefits:

    - Eliminates Dry Starts
    - Perfect For Engine Building
    - Use To Pre Lube Bearings, Cams, Lifters, and Valve Train
    - Prevents Seizing Galling and Scuffing
    - Compatible With All Oils
    - Super Slick and Tacky
    - Prevents Breakdown During Long Term Storage
    - Contains ZINC, MOLY, and Other High Pressure Additives
    - Easy To Use


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